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Global Economy: over 250 million tweets analysed

02/01/2015 The issue of economic growth is debated more in Italy than the rest of the world. Renzi is the most tweeted about after Obama Almawave, the technology innovation company within the AlmavivA Group, has conducted a study of more than 251 million tweets in 6 languages (Italian, English, Portuguese, French, Spanish and German). The […]

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Almawave and Qlik sign an OEM agreement

Almawave and Qlik sign an OEM agreement for an integrated Customer Interaction e Data Discovery solution   “Iride BI-Powered by QlikView” will be the ideal complement for Almawave Customers wishing to freely and deeply analyse their data to improve their Customer Experience Rome and Milan, 1 October 2014 – Almawave, AlmavivA Group innovation technology Company […]

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Almawave in San Francisco: meeting with Prime Minister Matteo Renzi

Almawave in San Francisco: meeting with Prime Minister Matteo Renzi CEO Valeria Sandei: “To restart, Italy needs planning and support for internationalisation.” San Francisco, 23 September 2014 – Almawave, a technology company in the AlmavivA Group, is one of the Italian companies that was selected to meet with Prime Minister Matteo Renzi in San Francisco, […]

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Danilo Piatti is the new Chief Commercial Officer for Almawave

Danilo Piatti is the new Chief Commercial Officer for Almawave, an innovative technology company in the AlmavivA Group Rome, 22 September 2014 – Almawave, a technology company in the AlmavivA Group, has chosen Danilo Piatti as its new Chief Commercial Officer . Danilo Piatti, 42, with a degree in Mechanical Engineering, will report to the […]

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Twitter is abuzz with debate on the 2014 football World Cup

Over 71,000,000 tweets analysed in six different languages; well over 53 million in the group stages alone. The most talked about national squad is Argentina (16% of conversations). Italy is fourth. With 2 million followers, Messi is highest in the Twitter rankings, with Pirlo leading the field for the Italians (66.2%). Rome, 27 June 2014 […]

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Almawave arrives in Silicon Valley with the opening of its office in San Francisco

Valeria Sandei launches Almawave USA Inc. and appoints Anna Gatti as CEO of the new subsidiary Rome, 18 June 2014 – The new company Almawave USA Inc., the American subsidiary of the technological-innovation firm within the AlmavivA Group, opens in San Francisco with the aim of taking products and services with made-in-Italy technology in the […]

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AlmavivA do Brasil: Company of the Year 2014

16/06/214 – Con un tasso di crescita del 50%, AlmavivA conquista il mercato brasiliano. Frost & Sullivan, società globale di consulenza per lo sviluppo economico di impresa, premia ogni anno l’azienda emergente che ha dimostrato di eccellere nell’innovazione e nello sviluppo di prodotti e tecnologie, in leadership e nell’attenzione al cliente. Il riconoscimento per il 2014 […]

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Analysis has begun of Twitter conversations about the 2014 FIFA World Cup.

04/06/2014 In just five days, 4.3 million tweets have been analysed in six different languages. The most frequently mentioned nation is Spain (20.7% of conversations). Italy is seventh. So far, discussion of players has been focused on injuries and those who haven’t been selected: the most tweeted-about player is the Mexican Luis Montes (7.3%), and […]

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E’ online da oggi il Portale Antiriciclaggio Italia

Il Portale Antiriciclaggio Italia è il punto di riferimento per notai, avvocati, commercialisti e intermediari finanziari chiamati a rispondere agli obblighi normativi in materia di antiriciclaggio. Titolare effettivo, adeguata verifica, documentazione completa e mirata, navigabile con motore di ricerca semantica, pareri legali online e formazione: tutto disponibile in un solo strumento. Roma – 10 aprile […]

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